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Why Is Vaccination For Kids In Singapore Important?

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

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As it is said, it is better to prevent any problem before its occurrence. Similarly, it is always in your favor to prevent a disease or illness instead of treating it after it occurs. Many health conditions can be lethal or disabling for people, especially children. Young children are more vulnerable to acquiring diseases and infections. That is why it is essential to protect your kids beforehand from lifelong disabilities and other chronic conditions. For this reason, vaccination for kids in Singapore is the best solution.

What Is Vaccination?

Humans have an in-built immune system that protects them from various diseases and illnesses. The body fights and prevents diseases with the help of its immunity. Children are born with an immune system consisting of proper allocation of organs and body functions. The immune system recognises the foreign invading particles, also known as antigens. Then, it creates a defence against those antigens in the form of antibodies to fight them.

When an antigen enters the first time in the body, the immune system gets activated and produces antibodies. These antibodies last in the body for a long time to fight against that specific antigen. However, the immune system takes time to work and cannot prevent diseases fast enough in the babies the first time. But if an antigen enters a second time in the body, it can fight quickly.

Vaccination is the process of administrating vaccines in the body that contain the antigens of a disease. These antigens are either dead or deactivated to appoint where they cannot cause an infection. However, vaccines can trigger the kids' immune system and build immunity against those antigens. That is how a child gets protection before suffering from the actual disease and avoids its risk.

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Reasons For Kids Vaccination In Singapore

Here are a few important reasons to get your kids vaccinated against many diseases:

Vaccination Protects Your Children’s Lives

Before, various diseases turned out to be lethal and fatal for infants and children. However, due to the advances in medical science, many new ways have been developed to treat and prevent those diseases. That is why many diseases are now extinct or close to elimination. So, your kids have become safe from them. Vaccines have played a significant role in saving children’s lives by building immunity and strengthening it. Hence, vaccination for kids in Singapore or any part of the world is imperative for their long life.

Saves Your Family And Money

Some of the diseases and illnesses result in life-long disabilities. It causes a strain on the family and requires money to invest in childcare facilities. The time gets lost at the hospitals and money in medical bills. Further, children who develop prolong disabilities are unable to live efficiently and effectively. Hence, vaccination is an excellent investment to avoid such complications.

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Protects The Children From Diseases

Kids have a weak immune system and require a boost to develop resistance against certain diseases and infections. Various conditions are now preventable with vaccines, such as mumps, diphtheria, measles, and whooping cough. Vaccines protect the young ones and build their immunity. It protects your family as well as prevents the spread of certain contagious infections.

It Is Safe And Effective

Vaccines are developed and administered after lengthy and careful planning, testing, and review. Healthcare professionals make certain that the vaccines are safe and effective. Administration of these vaccines might result in slight discomfort or symptoms, such as redness, pain, and tenderness at the area of injection. However, this pain is lesser than those effects caused by the diseases these vaccines prevent. Kids vaccination in Singapore causes greater benefits as compared to the side effects to the children.

Keeps Safe From Future Complications

If you look at the history, you would know that the advent of vaccination has led to the elimination of several deadly diseases. The occurrence of many illnesses has reduced all over the world, and the ratio of disabilities or traumas decreased. Some of the vaccinations administered to pregnant women save the lives of the foetus and newborns. Thus, if you see the bigger picture, vaccination has protected generations and decreased risks of future complications. Proper vaccination now and in the future can eradicate many more diseases so that they will not be around to harm kids.

Compulsory Vaccination For Babies In Singapore

Even though you must get your child vaccinated for various diseases, yet there a few compulsory vaccinations for babies in Singapore by law. Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore has made Diphtheria and Measles & Other vaccines mandatory for babies. Your children must obtain regular dosages as per the schedule for these vaccines.

Other recommended kids’ vaccination in Singapore are, for example :

· Hepatitis B


· Tetanus

· Rubella

· Mumps

· Pertussis

· Polio

· Typhoid

Vaccination For Kids In Singapore

If you are finding clinics for your kids’ vaccination and compulsory vaccination for babies in Singapore, contact Little Cross Family Clinic!



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