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Cough and flu medicine

As your kid grows up, they are guaranteed to catch a cold or flu at some point. No matter how much you protect them from the world, bacteria is everywhere. As a result, you must prepare for the time in which they do become ill. It is important to remember that this is not a time for alarm. Instead, make sure you care for your child, ensuring that they stay as warm as possible 【but not too many blankets so will not end up with over-heating】so that they can fight off any cold they have. Should you need any help, we can provide you with a range of flu medicine for kids, which has been designed to help your child recover.


Although medicines can help, they are not always required for recovery, especially at young ages. In some circumstances, they can do more harm than good. We always advise consulting us as soon as possible when it comes to using cold and flu medicine for children under the age of 7. We recommend that you do not use it unless advised to by us directly. Should you visit us and we provide you with a harmless “cough” medicine for kids, we recommend that you strictly follow the guidelines that have been provided.


Guidelines to follow

When it comes to taking cold and flu medicine as a child, it is very important that you follow all of the guidelines to ensure it is taken correctly. Incorrect use could result in a wide number of problems, some of which may be severe. If you believe your child has taken too much medicine or a medicine that they should not have taken, we advise contacting emergency services as soon as possible. Here are some of the guidelines we suggest for parents.


Never give adult medicines to children even if you believe they are safe. There are a number of medicines specially designed for children which we can provide you with. They have been specially designed to provide complete safety when consumed by a child.

Never use a cold or cough drug if your child takes other prescription or over-the-counter medicines, unless you’ve checked with the doctor first. Mixing multiple medicines can result in a wide range of problems and can have severe consequences.


Always carefully follow the instructions for dosing on the box, ensuring that you have read them and understand them completely.

Use the provided measuring spoon, dropper, or dosing cup, if you do not have one available, do not take the cough medicine for kids.


Take your child to the doctor if symptoms become worse or do not improve after a few days. This will allow us to take another look at your child and quickly diagnose any problems that they may have. The symptoms they are displaying may have been caused by something other than a cold, in which case we can help.

Unless recommended by your doctor, do not provide medicine to your child under the age of 7. This can have a number of potential risks and can cause more harm than good.


Prescribed Medicines

If your child displays a severe cough or flu-like symptoms, our doctors can provide you with a medicine to get them on their way to recovering. Make sure to use this medicine as soon as possible, ensuring that you follow all the guidelines as accurately as possible. In general, your child should begin to recover in a few days, helping them to reduce the impact of their symptoms and allowing you to rest easy knowing they are recovering. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult our team directly.

Cough treatment for kids can be a tricky situation because self-prescribed medicines can cause more harm to the children.You should avoid going for over the counter medicines. Do not try the cough treatment for kids at home by yourself. With that said, over the counter cough and flu medicines might not work as efficiently for the children in certain cases. So, always consult a doctor when you feel the symptoms are not manageable, or if the condition is worsening.

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