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​Erectile Dysfunction Clinic

Are you having problems with erectile dysfunction? Then look no further than our erectile dysfunction clinic in Singapore. We understand the problems associated with ed, including the difficulties that it can cause outside of the condition itself. As a result, we have designed a range of services specially designed to help you through our ed clinic.

Male ED Clinics

We know that visiting a doctor regarding this issue can be extremely stressful at first. It is a problem that many men feel embarrassed about and struggles to discuss with anyone, let alone their doctor. We provide fully confidential services, allowing you to rest assured that the doctor will treat you without mentioning anything to anyone else, including others within our practice.

What are the causes of ED?

When it comes to erectile dysfunction there can be a number of causes both emotional and physical, all of which can contribute to the disorder. In general, it is usually a multitude of different symptoms that result in the final problem. Here are some of the main causes which you can look out for.


Physical Causes

Here are some of the main physical causes of erectile dysfunction, all of which will have a different cause for the issue.


Cardiovascular Disease

One of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction is cardiovascular disease. This causes ed by restricting blood flow to the genitals, which then induces the symptoms. By losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle you can reduce the impact of your cardiovascular disease and thus the symptoms of ed.



Diabetes is another main cause of erectile dysfunction, often limiting the blood flow to the genitals. Whilst it is unusual for diabetes alone to be the main cause of ed, diabetes itself is often caused by a poor lifestyle, which may contribute to the symptoms.

Damage from cancer or surgery

Although surgeries and treatments for cancer are fantastic, they can also have a number of side effects.

Depending on the treatment you have had, one of these effects can be erectile dysfunction.



Any injuries to the genitals themselves may cause you to have erectile dysfunction. In general, we always advise seeing a doctor as soon as you have had an injury to prevent any further damage. By doing this, you can prevent any further damage and reduce any long term impact.

Obesity and Being Overweight

Being obese or significantly overweight can cause a number of serious issues to your body. One symptom that is commonly found is erectile dysfunction. By losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle, you can reduce these symptoms.


Increased Age

As you grow older, the likelihood of developing ed becomes more likely. This is completely normal and something that we often treat at our male ed clinics. There are a range of solutions for this problem, all of which can be discussed with our friendly doctors.  

Emotional Causes

Whilst many people may associate erectile dysfunction with physical attributes, your mental and emotional health can have a significant impact on your symptoms. Here are some of the main contributors to ed.



Stress is one of the leading emotional causes of ed and can result in a number of long term psychological problems regarding the problem. Our team can show you a number of ways to reduce your stress levels and consequently reduce the impact of ed on your life. 


Anxiety regarding the disorder can often cause it to occur over a long period of time. You often become anxious that the symptoms may occur, which will then result in them becoming more severe. Talk to our team today to find out how you can reduce your anxiety and this the symptoms of ed.

Lifestyle Causes

The way you live your life can have a significant impact on the way in which your body operates. If you do not take care of your body, you can begin to develop symptoms of ed, which may trigger emotional causes too. Here are some of the lifestyle choices that will impact ed.

Drug and Alcohol Use

Consistent and abusive use of drugs and alcohol can have a wide range of negative impacts, one of which is erectile dysfunction. In order to remove these symptoms, we advise that you first choose to remove drugs and alcohol from your lifestyle.


Smoking limits your body’s ability to carry oxygen through your red blood cells. By smoking for a number of years, this can decrease your body’s ability to send blood to your genitals, consequently resulting in the symptoms of ed.  

ED can be caused by any number of these factors, or several at once. Work with our friendly team day so that they can rule out any other medical conditions and get you on your way to recovery.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) refers to a group of symptoms indicating a person's inability to attain or sustain a satisfactory erection necessary for pleasurable sexual activities. Recognising these signs is the initial step towards understanding and managing the condition. Keep an eye out for the following indicators:

Inconsistent Erection Ability: The inability to consistently achieve an erection is a prominent sign of ED. While occasional difficulties can be normal, persistent problems warrant attention.

Trouble in Maintaining an Erection: The inability to sustain an erection during sexual engagement, even if initially achieved, is another hallmark of ED.

Decreased Desire for Sexual Activity: While ED mainly affects the physical aspect of sexual function, it can also lead to reduced libido or sexual desire. This may result from the psychological impact of the condition or other underlying factors.

Difficulty with Ejaculation: Premature or delayed ejaculation or inability to ejaculate can fall under this category. While not always related to ED, these symptoms can occasionally be linked.

Soft Erections: Having erections that aren't firm enough for penetration is an indicator of ED. This suggests that although the penis receives some blood flow, it's inadequate for sexual activity.

Anxiety or Stress around Sexual Performance: Psychological factors significantly influence sexual health. Men with ED often experience feelings of inadequacy, tension, or anxiety during sexual encounters due to the condition.

Reliance on ED Medications for Erection: Increasing reliance on medication for erections indicates weakened natural erectile function.

Why Should You Consider Getting Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

Addressing erectile dysfunction (ED) is crucial for enhancing sexual health, overall well-being, and quality of life. Several compelling reasons support prioritising ED treatment:

  1. Prevalence of ED: ED is more common than often perceived. Research shows a significant percentage of men over 30 experience some degree of ED. This means you're not alone, and solutions are available.

  2. Underlying Health Concerns: ED can be a sign of more severe health issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and low testosterone levels. Treating ED might also help uncover and manage these underlying conditions more effectively.

  3. Psychological Well-being: ED can negatively impact mental health, leading to anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and fear of sexual failure. Proper treatment can alleviate these emotional burdens, restoring confidence and mental well-being.

  4. Improved Relationship Dynamics: Fulfilling sexual needs is a part of intimate relationships. ED therapy can enhance relationship dynamics, fostering a more intimate connection.

  5. Better Quality of Life: ED treatment not only addresses psychological effects but also results in a better quality of life. Many men experience improved enjoyment of daily tasks and social interactions with increased confidence.

  6. Awareness of Medication Interactions: Certain medications, such as those for depression or high blood pressure, can worsen ED. Consulting a medical professional about ED treatment can raise awareness of potential drug interactions, aiding overall healthcare decisions.

  7. Holistic Health Management: Lifestyle factors such as smoking, inactivity, and excessive drinking can contribute to ED. Seeking treatment can be a step towards a holistic health approach, improving an individual’s general well-being.

  8. Advanced Treatment Options: Medical science in the field of ED treatment has taken significant strides. There are many different types of treatments available that are suited to individual needs, ranging from pharmaceuticals to non-invasive therapies and surgical procedures.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with Little Cross Family Clinic

It might be daunting dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED), but you do not have to go through it alone. Consulting an experienced medical practitioner at an erectile dysfunction clinic in Singapore is an option to consider. Well-reputed male ED clinics, such as Little Cross Family Clinic, can provide advice for dealing with the issue.

Knowledge and Expertise: The specialists at our ED clinic possess a thorough awareness of ED complexities, including causes, risk factors, and the latest therapies, offering advice tailored to your situation.

Personalized Treatment Plan: Every individual is unique; what works for one may not work for another. Our doctors will create a treatment plan tailored to the patient’s individual needs after evaluating their condition and any underlying medical issues.

Holistic Health Assessment: ED might be a sign of other conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or hormone imbalances. Consulting your doctor ensures a comprehensive approach to your health, which might aid in identifying and controlling any potential underlying illnesses.

Medication Guidance: Understanding the effects, potential side effects, and drug interactions of ED medications is critical. Our doctor clarifies these details for a safe and effective treatment course.

Confidentiality and Care: Your safety and privacy are a priority. ED can be a sensitive issue to talk about, but rest assured our doctor treats your concerns with utmost confidentiality.

Up-to-date Treatment Methods: Constant advancements occur in ED therapy. Our doctor remains updated on the latest developments, ensuring you receive quality care.

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