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STI Clinic Singapore, Confidentiality Ensured

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with or is showing symptoms of an STI, Sexually Transmitted Infection, it is crucial that you see our team as soon as possible. We can provide an STD[ Sexually Transmitted Disease ] test in Singapore, allowing you to confirm your diagnosis and receive treatment as soon as possible. When it comes to STI’s and STD’s, fast treatment is crucial. Without fast treatment, the symptoms can develop extremely fast and cause significant damage to your body. This can cause everything from extreme sickness to infertility and a range of other problems.

​We understand that visiting our sti treatment clinic can be a very stressful experience. Often, people feel too embarrassed to visit their local doctor and instead choose not to. We always ensure that we provide a completely confidential session in which we can provide you with antibiotics against any infection to make sure you feel better in no time. Each one of our doctors has a wealth of experience working with a range of sti’s and std’s ensuring that they can quickly diagnose the problem that you have and provide you with the antibiotics you need to recover.

Many patients have no symptoms at all!

Many people may carry the germs but do not show any symptoms at all many years !  It may be a good idea for you to screen even if you have no symtoms.

If you believe you may be showing symptoms of any sti, we advise that you visit us as soon as possible. No matter how minor the symptom, it is always best to check it out rather than risk an infection.

Here are some of the symptoms that you should look out for:

  • Unusual discharge from the vagina, penis, throat or anus

  • Pain or burning sensation when peeing

  • Lumps or skin growths around the genitals ,throat or anus

  • Any type of  rash around the genitals

  • Unusual vaginal bleeding

  • Extremely itchy genitals or anus

  • Blisters and sores around the genitals or anus

  • Painful sex

If you have displayed any one of these, or multiple at the same time, please visit us at the soonest convenient time for you. Before your check-up, make sure that you do not engage in any sexual conduct, including oral sex to prevent the spread of any potential infection. We offer a range of std screening in Singapore, allowing us to quickly diagnose any symptoms you may have and determine whether or not you have an sti or std. Here are some of the most common diseases that we treat.


Most people with Chlamydia do not notice any symptoms for a few months and as a result, may spread the disease without knowing it.

Once you do develop symptoms, you may experience any of the following:

  • Pain or burning sensation when peeing

  • Unusual discharge from the vagina, penis or bottom

  • In women, pain in the tummy, bleeding after sex and significant bleeding between periods

  • In men, pain and swelling in the testicles


Chlamydia does not display these symptoms for up to six months and in general, it can be treated easily with a short course of antibiotics if it can be diagnosed early.

However, if it is left untreated, the infection can spread to other regions around your body, which can result in a number of long term health issues. This includes diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), epididymo-orchitis (inflammation of the testicles) and even infertility. In addition to this, it can also sometimes cause reactive arthritis.



Gonorrhoea is a bacterial sti and is spread directly through sexual intercourse. It does not always display symptoms early on and so may be indistinguishable at first. In general ,almost half of women do not experience any symptoms at all. However, the symptoms for gonorrhoea include a thick green or yellow discharge from the vagina or penis, pain and discomfort when peeing and for women, bleeding between periods.

The infection is best treated with an antibiotic injection combined with tablet in Singapore. This should reduce all symptoms in only a few days. In general, we will require a follow-up appointment around 2 weeks after your treatment so that we can ensure that we have killed the infection. During this period, avoid all sexual conduct until it is confirmed you no longer have the infection. Having this treatment does not make you immune and you are still prone to catching the disease again.


Other STI’s/ STD’s

Other common symptoms that we see are for genital warts, genital herpes and Trichomoniasis. All of these have symptoms that are easily distinguishable and can be treated. We always advise you to come to our clinic to get a quick diagnosis no matter what you may have. The faster you receive your diagnosis, the faster we can treat you for your symptoms. This prevents you from any further infection or damage and ensures you can remain as healthy as possible with no side effects from the infection.

STD Clinic Singapore

Consulting an STI treatment clinic is nerve-racking for most of the people. However, STD screening in Singapore becomes necessary if you start feeling the symptoms mentioned above. Otherwise, you can face dreadful consequences. Any of the best STD clinic in Singapore will diagnose and treat STDs and STIs immediately, as the infection can spread rapidly in most cases.

We have been reviewed to be one of the best STD clinic in Singapore. If you are looking for reliable and trusted STD clinics in Singapore, you can consult us. We cover everything from STD screening in Singapore to serving as an STI treatment clinic.

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Notifying Your Loved Ones and Taking Preventive Measures

You must consult our team as soon as possible if you or someone you know has been identified as having an STI or is displaying signs of one. You can confirm your diagnosis and start treatment right away with the help of an STD test that we can offer you in Singapore.

While each state's standards vary, it is common for some STIs to be reported to the local or state health department.


In the agency, trained illness intervention experts are generally on hand to inform and direct individuals to appropriate resources.


There are several ways to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), but official, confidential partner notification may be an important one. People at risk may be directed to counselling and the appropriate therapy by this method. Your risk of re-infecting yourself with certain STIs is reduced by partner notification.


If you happen to be looking for “std testing near me”, you can look for us! We are located at Tampines Street 91, #01-445, Block 929, Singapore 520929. Within 4 minute walk from Tampines West MRT Station.

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