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If you’re looking for an GP clinic that uses ultrasound daily, look no further than Little Cross Clinic. We perform focused bedside ultrasound within our clinic premises.

What is an ultrasound scan?

Ultrasound is a painless, non-invasive investigation to image organs in the body. It does not expose the patient to x-rays.

It is used in numerous clinical settings in hospital and also in clinics to help doctors look inside the body.

How will an ultrasound help me at the clinic?

Point-Of-Care Ultrasound / Sonography ( POCUS) is performed by a doctor in the clinic to answer a specific diagnostic question, guide treatment or guide performance of an invasive procedure. It is not meant to be a comprehensive body check up.

They are generally used to detect potentially life threatening conditions where detection expedites patient care, for example in appendicitis, or gallbladder infections.


In our clinic, we use the multi-frequency ultrasound probe frequently for applications such as:

Detecting life threatening conditions :

Appendicitis, ectopic pregnancies, gallbladder infections, localising internal bleeding.

Assessment of lumps and bumps :
To determine if they require urgent removal.

Holistic Assessment of chronic conditions such as:

Hypertension and diabetes -

Imaging the liver and kidneys for long term damage or the aorta for aneurysms.

Men’s and Urological Health -

Prostate measurement and grading in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, measurement of post-void bladder volume, assessment of groin/ testicular lumps and bumps.

Women’s Health -

Confirmation of pregnancy, real-time videos of fetus, placenta lie, assessment of liquor. Detection of fibroids, ovarian cysts ( not meant for follow-up of known conditions that require advanced scans)

Musculoskeletal Medicine -

Imaging of shoulder rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder, knee swelling, joint swellings.

Various other conditions where indicated.

Ultrasound Clinic Singapore

Clinic With Ultrasound Facility
Our ultrasound clinic in Singapore has experienced and trained doctors who ensure a seamless experience for you. We have bedside ultrasound facilities available for different conditions. At our clinic with ultrasound, we will be able to gain a better insight into the problem, injury, or illness with our knowledge and procedures. With these practices, we scan patients' body parts properly for any issues and help them recover fast.

Our ultrasound clinic in Singapore uses bedside ultrasound to perform an accurate body scan. Following which, we will be able to receive a clearer view of the various body parts, which help in detecting the patient's condition and internal problems. So, if you need services of a clinic with bedside ultrasound, contact us. We will provide a comfortable, painless, and safe ultrasound experience to you with great results.

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