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How Can You Do STD Screening In Singapore?

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

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STD screening is essential for the testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases or infections. These procedures are mostly painless, quick, easy, and confidential. You need to find an STD clinic near your place for testing and STD screening in Singapore.

What Are STDs?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), also referred to as sexually transmitted infections (STIs), in some cases. These diseases pass from direct person-to-person contact during sexual activity. However, sometimes, they can spread through other physical means as well.

The symptoms of an STD vary depending on the type of the disease. But some symptoms are common and obvious; specific symptoms will be different. That is why it is significant to go through STD screening in Singapore to confirm the STD type.

Some of the Common Symptoms are:

· Sores, rashes, or bumps on and around the areas of genitals or mouth

· Painful and swollen genitals and reproductive parts

· Pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse or urination

· Bleeding or unusual discharge from the genitals

· Unusual or odd-smelling genital discharge

· Pain in the lower abdomen

· Swollen lymph nodes

Unfortunately, STI are frequently Asymptomatic , giving the carrier a false sense of security.

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Consequences Of STDs

If the STDs are left untreated, they can cause severe health problems and conditions. These issues could be:

· Damage to the organs

· Blindness

· Infertility

· Dysfunction in body systems

· Pregnancy complications

· Pelvic inflammatory disease

· Cancer

Sometimes, it takes time for the symptom to show up, so it gets hard to notice them. Moreover, people avoid getting tested for STDs due to the stigma around them. Testing and screening at an STD clinic in Singapore is the only solution to know for sure if you have it.

Common STDs You Should Get Tested For

Various types of sexually transmitted diseases are there. Adequate information and proper testing of STD help you in its diagnosis. You need to consult a doctor, who may ask you to get tested for:

· Syphilis

· Chlamydia

· Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

· Trichomoniasis

· Gonorrhoea

· Hepatitis B

The testing and screening of STD become essential when you have recent exposure to any risk factor associated with it. If you believe you have been endangered by any such factor, consult an STD clinic.

Risk Factors For STDs

It is necessary to be honest, and open with your doctor for the screening of STD. You must tell them your practices and the acts you engage in for the determination of the testing procedures.

Some of the risk factors linked with STDs are:

· To have unprotected sex

· Doing sexual activities with multiple partners

· Injecting drugs

· Alcohol consumption and misuse of drugs

· Having a history of STDs

· Partners with a diagnosis of STD

Where Can You Be Tested For STD?

Usually, STD testing is not part of the regular check-ups at the doctor's office. You need to ask for it specifically or have symptoms to rule out STDs. So, you can choose to go to your primary physician or get a referral for an STD clinic.

Since you have to share personal details during screening and testing, you must prefer the place as per your choice. Many sexual health clinics offer anonymous testing for STDs and keep your information confidential. So, you can rest assured to avoid the stigma surrounding STDs and be safe during the screening process.

Visiting STD Clinic In Singapore

The STD clinic in Singapore you choose to visit, you must get its details first. You need to make an appointment at some clinics to go to it, while drop-in clinics are also available. The staff at these clinics is well-trained and professional, they facilitate you in the best way possible, and you do not have to feel embarrassed. They will explain everything, make you feel at ease, and test you for infections or diseases.

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STD clinics provide services to everyone, regardless of their gender or age. Whether you are a male or female, have STD symptoms or not, you can visit the clinic anytime. They will keep your information confidential and perform the screening and testing procedures anonymously.

They will ask about your name and contact details. It is up to your discretion if you like to reveal .Your real name will be kept confidential anyway. Contact details are necessary for appointments or conveying results. You also get a choice to select a mode for getting results. It can be over the phone, text, or as a letter.

How Are STD Tests Performed?

STD screening starts with questions about your medical and sexual history. A doctor or nurse will ask you questions, and you have to answer them honestly. These questions will be related to your sex life and STD symptoms, so be prepared for them.

After that, the doctor will decide the tests that need to be administered to you. They will explain the process and suggest the tests. These tests would include:

· Blood tests

· Urine tests

· A cheek swab

· Physical examination of the body and genitals

· Swabs from urethra and genitals

Find STD Clinic In Singapore

If you are searching for STD clinics for STD screening in Singapore, consult Little Cross Family Clinic for anonymous STD screening and treatment.


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