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How a Weight Management Clinic can help in the weight loss journey?

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

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Are you looking for a weight loss clinic that can actually help you lose those extra pounds? Are you tired of trying so many weight management clinics because they failed to work? If yes, there you go. Now you’ve come to the right place that can help you lose your extra fat without any stress. Before going out into details, let’s find out some interesting facts about obesity.

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What is Obesity?

Obesity or overweight is characterized by the accumulation of excessive fat in your body that can cause serious health consequences.

In order to measure whether a person’s weight is healthy or not, an index is used that is called BMI (body mass index). This index or scale is based on the weight to height ratio of a person where the weight in kilograms is divided by the square of height in meters. This scale has a range of underweight, healthy, overweight, and obesity. The BMI for overweight has to be equal to or greater than 25 while that for obesity has to be over 30.

Is Overweight that of a Big Deal?

Well, yes. It is becoming a real-time beast for the health of people all around the globe. According to the World Health Organization, there were around 1.9 billion adults (above the age of 18) were overweight in 2016, and among them, 650 million were suffering from obesity.

Quite alarmingly, 39% overweight and 13% obese population brings Singapore second in the list of the ASEAN countries with the highest overweight prevalence.

Causes of Overweight

The exact cause of overweight is the imbalance between the intake of calories and their utilization.

However, this physiological cause is related to physical activity, lifestyle, society, and environment.

As junk food has become a part of modern lifestyles, people tend to overeat a lot. Overweight is also associated with depression, boredom, bad eating habits, unhealthy snacking, and improper timing of meals. Sedentary lifestyles and lack of exercise also play their part in adding extra weight.

Medical weight loss

Side effects of Obesity

Overweight and obesity not only make your body shape irregular but also increase the risk of many fatal conditions. It can cause hypertension, diabetes, stroke, high cholesterol levels, dyslipidemia, cardiac disease, heart failure, osteoarthritis, anxiety, depression, sleep apnea, and difficulty with normal body functioning.

Importance of Weight Management Clinic

Now, it is clear enough how important it is to get rid of extra weight in order to live a healthy, illness-free life. Let’s have a look at how a weight management clinic can help you in getting rid of excess weight and living a healthy life.

Plan weight loss according to your daily routine

During your busy life, it can be quite challenging to focus on weight loss plans, exercises, and diet programs. Many people start their weight loss plans and leave them halfway because they are not able to manage it with their studies, jobs, or house chores. That’s why it’s very important to find a weight management clinic that can provide you with a plan that is based particularly on your needs, routine, and lifestyle. Otherwise, you will keep wasting money in such clinics and get no benefit.

Exercise with Diet

It is almost impossible to lose weight with exercise if you’re constantly consuming unhealthy food and not counting your calories. Exercise and proper diet go hand in hand. Our experts at the weight loss clinic in Singapore are keen on serving their clients with the best weight management plans, that constitute both, focused exercise and controlled nutrition plan. They evaluate your current food habits and tell you what foods you should not be taking anymore and what foods you should incorporate in your meals. If you are not that of a hardcore gym freak, don’t worry. You can discuss your requirements with them, and they will prescribe you exercises that will be easily doable even at your home or office.

Psychological Assistance

Losing weight can be a taxing task draining all your energy. You might feel depressed, demotivated, or discouraged. There can be days when you might want to give up your journey. In other words, weight loss can take an emotional toll on you. That’s why weight management clinics must cater to the psychological and emotional needs of the client. We, at our clinic, make sure that you get full motivation and energy boost. The clients can arrange a meeting with the expert staff and discuss their down moments so that they can be helped. There is absolutely no need to worry, as it is quite common to feel drained during weight loss programs, mainly because they need time and dedication.


You may see many centers that would claim to do some kind of a miracle that takes away your excess weight in the blink of an eye. Don’t believe them; Worse still, do not buy over-the -counter or online miracle slimming products as they may be fatal! Years ago, there was a “Slim 10” that was all the rage among celebrities till one of their liver started failing & needed her husband to donate part of liver to her. There is no shortcut. In fact, drugs, injections, and pills are only short term measures to lose weight if they are not complemented by diet, exercise & healthy lifestyle changes. Little Cross Family Clinic not only prescribes you an executable plan but also keeps follow-up with you, so they can help you throughout the journey. However, commitment, dedication, and the right weight loss plan will lead you to a healthy ‘normal weight’ risk-free life.


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