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Little Cross - General Practitioner and Family Doctor Clinic

Little cross family clinic established in 1999, we wish to provide better care of the patients and make sure everyone can afford the price.
Your safety is our TOP Priority. All medications are DOUBLE checked before they are dispensed! One round by assistants & 2nd round by doctor to reduce human error.
All FEEDBACK,Suggestions, & Compliments please contact Whatsapp/ Text/ or call. The Management appreciates & will study them properly.

Little Cross
caring family doctor
Family Doctor
Family Doctor Singapore

Little Cross Family Clinic Singapore

If you’re looking for a caring family doctor in the heart of Singapore, look no further than Little Cross Family Clinic. We have been entrusted as one of the best caring family doctor in the area for a number of years, best known for our specially tailored service when it comes to all patients. We understand that for many people, visiting the doctor can be a scary experience. As a result, many people choose not to visit the doctor which results in illnesses getting worse and symptoms lasting for longer periods of time.
At our practice, we strive to provide very good customer service to our patients. Upon your arrival, we will try to see you soon, ensuring that you are cared for both before, during and after your consultation. During your consultation, our doctor will try to reach important diagnosis quickly, without missing life-threatening clues., They will try explain the diagnosis fully. We will then provide you with a prescription you require, as well as inform you of how you can reduce any unpleasant symptoms. By doing this, we strive to be one of the best doctors in Singapore.

One of the Gp clinics in Singapore


Our team consists of only the highly trained doctors, all of which have a wealth of experience within the medical industry. Each member has worked in various specialties before and has also worked with a wide range of patients from older patients to smaller children. This allows them to specially tailor their services to your needs as an individual.
While our team endeavor to provide only the best levels of customer service, we beg your forgiveness that we had down regulated from angels to human beings if, sometimes, we appear to rush through.
Do feedback to the management any suggestion for improvement or compliments via hand phone 97113550 We strive to be the one of the best GP clinic in Singapore.

We will attempt to rectify the inadequacies or answer your unfinished questions within reasonable limit. However, if you do have a list of say 10 questions, you may need to prioritize them &consult two or three times. Rest assured that we do everything in our power to create a friendly environment for you to enjoy, ensuring that you feel relaxed before, during and after your consultation with our team.

General Practitioner Near Me (General Practitioner Singapore)

We have discovered that many people have struggled to find a good general practitioner in Singapore, with many practitioners having extremely long waiting times as well as delays once patients are finally seen. We try to predict the waiting time for patients so they can run other errands after getting a queue.
We beg your understanding that some problems are complex so need longer time to sort out. However, we will jump your queue should the situations warrant it.
Please feel free to walk into the general practitioner near me clinics.



We offer a wide range of different services, all of which are tailored to your personal needs. We understand that symptoms may impact people in different ways, which is why we individualize our services. Rather than treating each bacteria the same, we treat on an individual basis, providing you with a friendly doctor service.
Our services include a wide range of different niches. These include everything from helping you reduce your blood pressure and weight to live a healthier lifestyle, to treatment for Syphilis, Male Erectile Dysfunction,  STI’s and other diseases. We also provide help for people suffering from everything from a throat infection to a virus in which we will prescribe antivirals. To further this, our professional team can help you with symptoms such an ingrown toenails, as well as hair loss, overweight, obesity and any issue regarding your work permit should you fall ill or injured and become unable to work. We always advise that you walk into our clinic as soon as you show any symptoms of your illness. The sooner we can catch your symptoms, the sooner we can provide you with the treatment that you need to recover.

Affordable prices (general practitioner clinic singapore)

At Little Cross Family Clinic in Singapore, we understand that going to the doctor can be expensive at times, with some treatments costing significantly more than others. We provide all of our customers with the lowest price possible, ensuring that we prioritize health over profit. Once you have searched for “general practitioner clinic Singapore”, you will find our services which are readily available to you as soon as you require them.

Contact Us

Please walk into clinic directly. You may walk in to take a queue then go off to run other errands. We do not take phone bookings so the elderly and those non-internet savvy will not be disadvantaged. One of our friendly reception team will be on hand to provide you with any answers you need regarding your treatment.
Walk in today! The sooner you consult, the sooner we can provide you with solutions.


To Serve you better...

Treat everyone in our diverse community, including patients, their families and colleagues, with dignity to give the best care, treating patients and family members with sensitivity and empathy. see you @little cross family clinic




Little cross provide HIV test and Chlamydia ,gonorrhea, syphilis etc... STD screen and treatment.  all the conversation and result will be absolutely private and confidential. for the HIV test we use both 3rd and 4rd generation to detect HIV, the accuracy of the test is above 99%.

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Mon- Fri: 8.30am-3pm,7pm-9pm
Sat: 8.30am-12.30pm, 7pm-9pm
Sun: Closed
P.H: 8.30am-12.30pm

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