If you are interested in getting the Sinovac Vaccine ,Please fill in the form below.it does not mean that the appoiment has been confirmed 
如果您有兴趣接种科兴疫苗,点击链接 ,请填写您的资料,请注意这是等会预约名单,并不代表预约成功,一旦我们有任何消息开放预约,会立马通知您


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Sinovac Vaccine Appointment | 科兴疫苗预约

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Sinovac Vaccine Appointment | 科兴疫苗预约

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Check your ticket for your date and time
Singapore, Tampines Street 91, #01-445 Block 929, Singapore 520929

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1. 当天的行政费用为$14(包括服务税)。

2. 请携带您的新加坡证件(NRIC/FIN)。






If you're interested in getting the Sinovac vaccine, please select the following date and time and fill in the form. Please note that these information are mandatory under the Infectious Disease Act (Cap. 137) and Infectious Diseases (COVID-19 Vaccination) Regulations 2021. Only adults who are 18 and above and has a NRIC/FIN can apply.

Things to take note:

1. There will be an administration fee of $14 (including GST) on the day itself.  

2. Please bring along your NRIC/FIN. 

3. Please arrive at your selected date and time. Do not come earlier or later than 10 minutes.

Please take note that Sinovac is not part of the voluntary national vaccine programme and therefore will not be covered under the Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Programme. 

If you have successfully booked an appointment for the Sinovac vaccine, you will not be able to change your appointment time/date. We reserve all rights to reject you if the appointment date indicated on your e-ticket differs from your visit date. 

If you would like to cancel your appointment, please contact us at 67441809 with your name and appointment date & time. (Please do not call to enquire about the Sinovac vaccine)

Lastly, we are not responsible for any information posted outside our official platform. Please do not believe any information you hear or see from unofficial chats.

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    28 July 2021 (Wed) 7:15pm
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