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What To Do If You Are Exposed To Hiv In Singapore?

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Do you think you have been exposed to HIV?

HIV can spread to other people if precautions are not taken. Having unprotected sex with infected people, using used blades and needles, or blood transfusion. However, being exposed to the virus does not necessarily mean you have been infected with the virus. But, you should act fast to protect yourself from the virus. Because if infected with the virus, the HIV will weaken your immune system and you will be in a life-threatening situation.

So, if you think you have been exposed to the virus, here are a few things that you must do.


1. Consult a doctor

First things first, see a doctor in an emergency and share your concern with him. They will ask you questions regarding how and when you feel you were exposed to the virus. So, don’t be shy and be honest with the answers. This is critical to protect you from the virus.

The doctor will prescribe you post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) medicine. The post exposure prophylaxis HIV Singapore is a medicine that significantly reduces the risk of contracting HIV if taken timely.

You must be wondering what is post exposure prophylaxis PEP is and when you should take it?

The PEP is an antiretroviral drug that should be started between 2 to 36 hours of exposure to the virus. The PEP medicine can also be taken within 72 hours of the exposure but the chances of protecting you from the virus become lower the later you start the PEP medicine.

The course of post exposure prophylaxis HIV Singapore is of 28 days. And the medicine should be taken religiously without any interruption. Again, this medicine is of critical importance because any negligence can reverse its effects you might contract HIV.

1. Take the rapid HIV test Singapore

If you have waited too long to consult the doctor, you might be at significant risk of contracting HIV. In such a situation, the doctor will prescribe you a rapid HIV test Singapore to assure whether you have contracted the virus or not. This assurity will help doctors to determine your treatment.

So, what is a rapid HIV test, and how it is done?

The rapid HIV test Singapore is an antigen/ antibody test. As the name suggests, a rapid test gives results within 20 minutes. As the test does not require any special equipment the doctors or nurse perform this test at the clinic.

The rapid test requires a blood drop acquired through a finger prick, urine sample, or oral swab. The result will be available to you within 20 minutes. You can take this test between 14 to 28 days of exposure. However, HIV can remain undetectable for many days. So, you should repeat the test several times within the time window to make sure that the results are negative all the time.

1. Protect Others

No matter what is the result of your tests, if you feel you have been exposed to the virus, it is your ethical responsibility to protect others from the virus. You should restrain from any kind of sexual activity, blood donation, or sharing needles and blades. Your minor negligence can infect your family members or friends.

However, if you are waiting for the result or you are between the time window, you should still take precautions to protect other people around you. Here are a few precautionary measures that you must take:

  • Share your condition with your partner.

  • Inform everyone that you think you might have been infected.

  • Use latex condoms every time.

  • If you use lubricants, use water-based lubricants only.

  • Don’t share your blades, razors, or needles.

  • Don’t donate blood.

  • Inform your partner about PEP medicines.

Some Useful Information About HIV

How accurate is rapid HIV test Singapore?

The rapid HIV test is 99.5% accurate. So, if you have a positive result, you are infected with the virus. However, if you have a negative result you will be required to take another test after some time.

How long does it take HIV to show up for the rapid test?

It takes between 3 to 12 weeks for an antibody test to detect HIV antibodies in your blood.

What are the symptoms of HIV?

Fever, chills, muscle ache, night sweats, sore throat, rash, fatigue are some common symptoms of HIV.

Is HIV curable?

There is no cure for HIV yet. However, the effects can be reduced or maintained with regular medication. This can help increase the life of the patient.

A Little About Us

Little Cross family clinic was established in 1999 and aims to provide the best and most affordable medical services to their patients. Our HIV services include rapid HIV test Singapore, post exposure HIV treatment, and post exposure prophylaxis medication in Singapore.

Feel free to visit you need of these HIV-related services. We only offer walk-in appointments. You can walk in to get in the queue and come back later when your turn is near.


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