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The Benefits of Working With A Slimming Clinic

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

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According to a 2016 study 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight. Of these over 650 million were obese. In Singapore alone, around 32.8 percent of individuals were recorded as overweight in 2017. So why are so many individuals struggling with their weight?

For individuals who are highly overweight and obese, there can be several adverse side effects all of which will influence their overall quality of life. They are more prone to cancer, heart attacks and will begin developing functional mobility problems at an earlier age. For such individuals, losing weight can be extremely difficult. Many of them feel ashamed of their weight and are afraid to go to the gym in fear of being mocked by others. However, the reality is, if they don’t lose this weight, their overall lifestyle can be harmed.

Why You Should Seek Help From A Weight Loss Clinic in Singapore

The longer an individual is overweight, the more problems they will likely experience. However, some individuals have found that even with a good diet and exercise, they can’t seem to lose the weight they have put on. Other individuals may lose weight, only to put it back on within a few weeks. This causes huge weight fluctuations which can be very stressful. By seeking support from a slimming clinic, you can get the support and professional advice you need to reach each of your targets and begin living a happier, healthier lifestyle.

The Main Causes Of Weight Gain

In order to understand why we have gained weight, we must first look at the main causes. By understanding these causes, we can look at which are impacting our weight and then work towards reducing these throughout our life. Here are some of the main causes of weight gain.

medical weight loss clinic

High-Stress Levels

As the world around us seemingly appears busier and busier, the stress that we go through on a daily basis begins to increase. This causes our bodies to go into survival mode. The cortisol hormone (also known as the stress hormone is secreted, which causes us to eat more food as a result. It also causes us to search for calorie-dense foods which in the past would help with survival. The increased levels of cortisol combined with the foods we are eating cause us to rapidly gain weight during periods of high stress.

A Lack of Sleep

The more we research the topic, the more we find out just how important sleep is throughout our daily lives. A lack of sleep is a double-edged sword that causes significant weight gain. Firstly, the later you’re awake at night, the more you’re likely going to eat. This causes you to eat more calories than usual. These extra calories do more harm than good, especially when you’re sleep-deprived. The lack of sleep causes huge hormone fluctuations which increase your levels of hunger and thus your appetite, making you need more food before you truly feel ‘full’.

Steroid Medication

Anti-inflammatory steroid medications such as prednisone are known for causing individuals to gain weight. This is because the medication increases fluid retention and enhances the appetite of the patient. As a result, weight is gained in the belly, the face, and the back of the neck- places in which fat is not usually stored. If you’re on steroid medication, make sure that you follow the exact procedures your doctor has given you. Stopping them abruptly can result in serious consequences.

Food Consumption

Although it may appear obvious, the leading cause of weight gain is our food consumption. In a world full of high-calorie foods, it is no surprise that food consumption is at an all-time high. If an individual consistently eats too many calories on a daily basis, they will gain weight as a result.

So, how can working with a weight loss clinic Singapore help on your weight loss journey?

You Will Find It Easier To Reach Your Target Weight

If you’ve tried to lose weight in the past with little to no success, then a slimming clinic can help you reach your targets. By working with industry experts, the clinic team will help you to reach a healthy weight with ongoing support and assistance.

Reduce Your Risk Of Health Issues

Although being overweight is commonly seen as a physical attribute, it can cause many different health problems. Those that are overweight are significantly more prone to heart problems, strokes, diabetes, cancer and several other diseases. In addition to this, being overweight has also shown to increase the risk of depression and stress. A weight loss clinic can help you to reduce these risks and live a healthier, happier life.

Enhanced Appearance

One of the main concerns of individuals who are overweight is their appearance. Their appearance causes them stress and anxiety, which will impact their day to day lifestyles. Many individuals may be reluctant to dress up due to the way they look. A weight loss clinic can help you to lose the weight that makes you feel this way. Whether you are slightly overweight or you want to lose a lot of weight, clinic experts can help you to improve your overall appearance.

Improved Confidence

Being overweight has shown to make more individuals self-conscious about their appearance. This can create a negative self-image due to weight which will have a knock-on effect regarding the individual’s confidence. If you want to improve your confidence throughout your weight loss journey, then a slimming clinic can help you to do just that. Through hard work and dedication, you can change your self-image and be on your way to a whole new you.


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