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Get Your Treatment Done from The Best Hair Loss Clinic

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Do you feel an increased hair loss and are clueless about the reason? Here we will discuss everything about hair growth and the reasons for hair fall.

Hair loss is a normal process and is faced by men, women, and even children everywhere. In the past, hair loss was referred to as a male problem but later on, it was stated that one-third of the women face the same issue. The hair loss can be on any area of your body, but most commonly it affects your scalp. It can either be temporary or permanent depending upon the underlying cause. So the question here comes that is it possible to get rid of hair loss? Yes, with the consultation of the right hair loss treatment clinic, you can get back your thick hair back.

How Does Hair Growth Occur?

The growth of hair occurs in three steps.

Anagen phase - it is the actively growing phase of hair.

Catagen phase – it is the shorter phase the hair has stopped growing and is preparing to shed.

Telogen phase – in this phase the hair comes out of the follicle. Once the hair is shed from the follicle, it stays in a dormant state before new hair comes out of it.

The disruption in any of the mention steps leads to hair loss or any injury to the hair follicle may also lead to slow down or completely stop the growth of hair.

What Causes Hair Loss?

To understand the reason behind hair loss, you must first determine the changes occurring in your body that are causing hair loss. There are various reasons which can become a cause for hair loss, and it can vary from person to person. That's why you need to visit a hair loss clinic to let the doctors determine the cause and treat you in the best way. Now let's dive into the details.

Hair Loss


It is one of the most common causes of hair loss in both men and women. It is the predictable type of hair loss, i.e., bald spots in men and thinning of hair in women.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes could become a reason for hair loss, i.e., hormonal changes due to menopause, pregnancy, thyroid problems, etc. Moreover, some medical conditions could also become a cause.

Medications and Medical Treatments

Certain drugs which are used for the treatment of gout, cancer, depression, etc. are known to have hair loss as a side effect.


Physical and emotional stress leads to thinning of hair or even hair loss. But it is not experienced by everyone.

So, whoever is facing stress, the process of hair loss will be accelerated by two times.

Poor Nutrition

In some cases, poor nutrition also accelerates hair loss.


Making hairstyles that involve tying hair too tightly may lead to hair loss.

Treatment for Hair Loss

Identifying the reason for hair loss is crucial as not all treatments work for all types of hair loss. Once the underlying cause for hair loss is identified, the treatment will be started.

- The use of Minoxidil is seen to have a promising effect but only for certain types of hair loss. - Oral medication proven 86 % effective in stopping hair loss in studying on male twins

- Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections in the scalp is a newer option.

- Low-level LED laser lights are also helpful in regrowing hair.

- Hair transplantation

Do Dietary Supplements Help in Preventing Hair Loss?

No doubt that taking dietary supplements stops the process of hair loss. But there is no surety that it may prevent baldness from occurring in the future. The ultimate solution to treat baldness is hair transplantation.

How Hair Loss Clinics will Help you?

Are you struggling with hair problems? It is time to visit the hair loss clinic.

The fact that hair loss treatment clinics have professionals who will first diagnose the cause of hair fall. After the diagnosis, they will start with the right treatment plans to help you get back your normal hair.

What Do We Do?

Too worried about your hair loss and don't know what to do? Well, worry no more; we are here to rescue you with our services. Being a caring hair loss treatment clinic, we have certified doctors who will treat you in the best way. Specify your requirements or how you wish to see your hair, and we will turn it into reality; you will be amazed to see the magical results.

Over the past years, we have helped countless people to get back their normal hair back. Don't wait and consult our doctors now; the sooner, the better.

Excessive hair loss can leave you in a complex and also affect your confidence level. Come to us and let us help you so you can say goodbye to your hair problems!


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